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A book about the Dallas Tornado 1967 World Tour is available on Amazon.  It was written by Fons Stoffels who was on the tour.  It is definitely worth the money.  Click on this link to order it:  The Amazing World Tour of the Dallas Tornado

1/15/2018 Updated photos for Graham Paddon, Pat Wilson, Jim Storrie, Jimmy Wilson
1/14/2018 Updated photos for Craig Allen, Mark Karpun, Roy Willner, Flemming Lund
1/13/2018 Updated photos for Jeff Durgan, John Borodiak, Kip Germain, Vladislav Bogicevic
1/12/2018 Updated photos for Rene Breevoort, Walter Schlothauer, Elson Seale, Oscar Ferreyra
1/11/2018 Updated photos for Mike Lewis, Mike Maloy, Lonnie Wright, Roger Brown
1/10/2018 Updated photos for Alan Gauden, Renato Costa, Eddie Colquhoun, Tim Twellman
1/9/2018 Updated photos for Caldwell Jones, Jimmy Jones, Tom Chesnut, Donnie Freeman
1/8/2018 Updated photos for Mark Demling, Mike Bailey, Gino DiFlorio, Pat O'Connor
1/7/2018 Updated photos for Pacers Jersey, Artis Gilmore, George Johnson, Jim Jackson
1/5/2018 Updated photos for Eddie Barker, Trevor Whymark, Mohammed Attiah, Simon Look
1/3/2018 Updated photos for Roger Davies David Davidovic, Vic Rouse, Dragoslav Sekularec

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