North American Soccer League Players

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Alan Bloor
Born: March 16, 1943 City: Stoke-on-Trent, England   Height: Weight:    
Clubs: Stoke City 1961-77, Port Vale 1978-79
Stoke City 70-71 Head Alan Bloor
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Team League Year Num Pos Games Goals Assists Points Citizen
Cleveland Stokers NPSL 67   M 11 1 1 3 England
Stoke City 1961-77 (England)

Stoke City 1971-72
Mike Bernard, Alan Bloor, Mike Pejic, Jimmy Greenhoff, Gordon Banks, John Mahoney, Tony Waddington (Manager), George Eastham, John Marsh, Terry
, Peter Dobing, John Ritchie, Denis Smith
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Cleveland Stokers 1967 Home (USA)
Cleveland Stokers 1967 Road (USA)
Stoke City 1971-72


Between 1975-78, not sure of the year