North American Soccer League Players

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Nick Krat
Born: February 24, 1943 City: Ukraine   Height: 6' 1" Weight: 175 lbs.   College: Michigan State University
            National Team: USA 1968-72 (14 Games)
Clubs: Hansa-Chicago 1969
Stars 68 Head Nick Krat Team League Year Num Pos Games Goals Assists Points Citizen
Chicago Spurs NPSL 67 3 D 11 0 0 0 USA
St. Louis Stars NASL 68 3 D 26 0 0 0 USA
Chicago Spurs 1967 Home (NPSL)

Nick Krat (3), Bora Kostic (18)
St. Louis Stars at Chicago Spurs
Chicago Spurs 1967 Road (NPSL)

Chicago Spurs at New York Generals
Photo from

George Caragiannides (7), Marcel Nowak (18), Nick Krat (3)
Chicago Spurs at New York Generals
Photo from
St. Louis Stars 1968 Home (NASL)
St. Louis Stars 1968 Road Carl Gentile, Nick Krat, McBride
Milenko Rus (18), Gernot Fraydl (G), Nick Krat (3), Tomas Krivitz (5)
Vancouver Royals at St. Louis Stars
St. Louis Stars vs Santos 1968 Road Kalcanin, Krat, Puls, Santos Pele 07-03-6
Nick Krat (3), Milonja Kalicanin (2), Pele, Joe Puls (5)
Santos at St. Louis Stars July 3, 1968
Nick is wearing a jersey with a rounded collar instead of the usual v-neck. 
His jersey is also missing the Stars patch.
St. Louis Stars 1968 Road (NASL)
St. Louis Stars 1968 Home Carl Gentile, Nick Krat    
USA National Team 1968

Thanks Jan Reinertsen
USA National Team 1969
USA National Team 1972

Back: Coach Bob Kehoe, Rudy Getzinger, Werner Mata, Nick Krat, ?,?,Willy Roy, Steve Frank, Larry Hausmann, Gary Rensing, Alan Hamlyn, Coach Gene Chyzowich
Front: Pat McBride, Sergio Mora, Gene Geimer, Orest Banach, Mike Winter, Johnny Moore, Barry Barto, ?, ?
Thanks Marc Morris